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Voting is about finding someone who shares your values and who you believe will vote with your values more often than not. Hence, I believe with respect to the issues it is more important to share my values and ethics rather than narrow ideas with simple, slogan-esqe solutions. Ultimately, you are voting for me to bring my best judgment to the Board of Commissioners and advocate for solutions within the framework of our ideals. All that being said, here’s what I believe.

Equality For All Is Great For Business

In the capacity of a County Commissioner, I will fight to the best of my ability and position to ensure that Spokane County remains an inclusive area that welcomes diversity. It has been shown time and time again that diversity and inclusion boost economic growth and development. It’s a win-win. Everyone is treated with dignity and we all reap the collective benefits from the ensuing economic growth.

Data, Not Conjecture

I am a data-driven human being and I prefer to base my decisions on data above all else. If I am so fortunate to become a County Commissioner I’d like to use part of my time poring over all data available, trying to understand correlations, and then using that information to discuss with my constituents the best possible available solutions. I want to bring the objectivity of data to the critical stakeholders of a decision in order to help create the best possible decisions that are viable and sustainable. Yes, data analysis isn’t the sexiest of political concepts, but it is the best way to make objective decisions and disarm purely partisan decision making.

Money Savvy

Did you know that the Republican-controlled Board of Commissioners managed to create a $10,000,000 budget shortfall for the county in 2017? Impressive, especially considering that this year has been touted as an exceptional year for economic growth and prosperity by the same party of the current commissioners.

I find it incredibly frustrating to see the county rack up debt. As a business owner, if I cannot afford to pay my lease, I lose my office. As a citizen, if I don’t pay my tax bill, I face a penalty or even jail time. But if you are a Spokane County Commissioner and you are financially reckless, you evidently get another four-year term. This is not okay.

I meet people every day who do what they need to do to keep their finances in check and keep moving forward. It is insulting to have elected officials who cannot do the same. The current County Commissioners are spending money and passing the problem off to the people who come next and that isn’t fair.

I live and breathe financial responsibility. I started my passion for balanced books (I know, kinda nerdy) ten years ago when I started my first business, then when I went for my undergraduate studies, and now as I run two businesses and while I sat on two nonprofit boards.

The people of Spokane find ways to keep their finances in check every day. I want to be representative of those individuals.

Understanding Technology

Technology has continued to change our lives in ways we could never imagine. As someone who knows how to code and who has invented products from magic mirror to tablet projects, I have a deep understanding of how technology works and how to build it. As the technological revolution continues it will no doubt impact the County and the decisions makers need to be informed. I can help, in any capacity that I may be able to do so as a County Commissioner, ensure that the county is getting good technology at a fair price.

Progress Never Stops

I am a progressive and I believe it is about time for Spokane’s progressives to have representation on the Board of Commissioners. My ideals don’t render me incapable of conversation or compromise with those I disagree with, rather they are the framework from which I advocate from. I carry the same progressive ideals as other officials and candidates across this county and country. I believe we must do all that we can to stop climate change, we must work to reform the criminal justice system to reduce the number of people incarcerated and ensure that everyone has access to tools to help them get a fair and equitable trial, and I do believe that healthcare is a human right.

The Road To The Future

We gotta fix those fucking potholes.

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