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My name is Robbi Katherine Anthony.

I’m a Democrat and I am running for Spokane County Commissioner.

I decided to run for a variety of reasons:

  • As a business owner of two companies, I believe my ability to effectively manage expenses, raise revenue, and introduce innovative processes and solutions will translate well to the county level where I can help fight against deficit spending and work to generate a surplus for the county.
  • As a progressive, I believe I can bring the values of so many people in Spokane to the conversations and decisions of the Board of Commissioners as a whole.
  • As a transgender woman, I have seen the shortcoming of organizations, workplaces, and social groups when they lack diversity and I have seen the prosperity that comes when you welcome everyone to the table. Multiple viewpoints enhance the efficacy and empathy of a group and I believe that is worth voting for.
  • As someone who is livid at the current federal administration and the party that has chosen complicity over ethics, I believe it is time to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.
  • As someone who loves Spokane, I want to work for the people of it to help make it a better place. Spokane is beautiful and truly is near nature, near perfect, and I want to continue to help strive towards perfection. Perfection being a place where everyone gets a fair shot at life and opportunity, a place where we all feel at home, a place where our environment is protected and fostered, and a place where our kids, grandkids, and generations beyond can inherit with great joy.

It would be my privilege to serve you as your County Commissioner. I’m a different kind of candidate, running a different kind of campaign. All the same, I need your vote.

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